Project Description

Community Involvement

The therapists at Positive Developments are available to lead workshops at community organizations, schools, and corporations. We will tailor our presentations to address the specific goals and needs of your organization.

Popular parent workshops include:

  • Applying positive discipline strategies at home
  • Nurturing sibling relationships and handling rivalry
  • Identifying and managing your child’s anxiety

Workshops in educational settings can be geared towards teachers or students. Sample topics include:

  • Behavior management in the classroom
  • Identifying when children could benefit from private assessment and therapeutic interventions
  • Improving social skills and preventing and handling bullying

Presentations for adult audiences in corporate or community settings can include:

  • Stress management
  • Balancing work and family commitments
  • Assertiveness training

Consultation Services

Professional Supervision

Positive Developments is committed to supporting the growth of professionals who are new to private practice or in need of supervision until they have been granted state licensure. Drs. Distel, Jeffries, and Ziebert are also available to consult with colleagues who are interested in discussing professional issues, developing their skills in a particular area, or obtaining clinical supervision.

Parent Consultation

The therapists at Positive Developments are available for single session or short-term parent consultations regarding a variety of issues. For example, parents may be interested in learning more about how to address a particular behavioral or emotional issue or may wish to consult with a therapist to determine if their child is in need of an evaluation or treatment.

School Consultation

Positive Developments offers a variety of school-based consultation services. These include classroom observations of children who are already in treatment, in-service workshops for teachers or students, or consultation with teachers regarding classroom-wide behavior management strategies and interventions.

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