With  the onset of 2016, as with each year, we note the passage of time, make resolutions, and consider what is to come.  But January 1st is an arbitrary demarcation of time.  What if we thought of each month, week, or even day as a time of renewal?  

This could be in the form of reaffirming a commitment, establishing a daily meditation practice, or simply paying attention to the moments in the day when you would otherwise tune out or go through the motions.  For example, engaging in your child’s curiosity rather than simply answering a question, or eating a meal slowly and and paying attention to all of your senses, or taking a moment to express what you appreciate about your partner.

Being mindful of the present moment, in a non-judgmental way, often leads to decreased stress, improved health, and enhanced enjoyment and calm in relationships.  Practicing “loving kindness” allows us to be more open with ourselves and receptive to others.

A number of our therapists at Positive Developments have incorporated the practice of mindfulness in their work with clients.

Jason Rodker, Psy.D. has undergone Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) training and regularly utilizes this philosophy and related techniques in his work with children, parents, and adults.  

Laura Myhr, Ph.D. also integrates mindfulness into her practice.  She is particularly interested in the research on mindful parenting and applies that knowledge when working with parents who want to be more mindful in their daily interactions with their children.

Nancy Distel, Ph.D., and Rohini Vira, L.M.F.T. incorporate mindfulness techniques in their work with individual adults and families.  In their work with couples, they have found these techniques to be useful in increasing levels of satisfaction and intimacy.  They are currently participating in MBSR training at the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Center of NJ.  The course will be completed in March.


Our therapists offer private and community based talks and workshops on the philosophy and application of mindfulness practices in our families, schools, and other settings.

Positive Developments is a private group practice founded by three licensed psychologists. Our therapists address a full range of emotional, behavioral, and interpersonal issues with individuals of all ages. We provide comprehensive psychological services in a warm, supportive, and professional atmosphere.

Our therapists focus on promoting growth, change, resilience, and contentment in the lives of the children, adolescents, adults, and families with whom they work. Treatment is guided by our view that each individual is part of a larger context including family, school, work, community, and culture.

At Positive Developments, we are committed to maintaining a personal environment that ensures our clients receive individual attention and the services that best meet their needs. We are a team of highly trained professionals with complementary areas of expertise. Therefore, we are able to give careful consideration to matching each client to the right therapist.

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